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Out In The Cold
by Jimi Goninan

All he needs is a Christmas miracle.

After his deepest secret is unexpectedly revealed, Topher Richards is callously cast out of the family home by his intolerant parents. Struggling to survive, he is soon faced with a series of increasingly difficult choices. Will Topher be able to build a new life for himself in an unfamiliar city and find the second chance he so desperately deserves?


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George & The Christmas Dragon

M/M Romance

by Barry Lowe

Can George slay the feelings he has for the dragon?


M/M Romance: George is used to playing the ass end of a camel or a donkey in his company’s Christmas panto. He puts up with it to be near his girlfriend, Meredith, who always plays the lead and who shows much too keen an interest in Eric from the accounts department. But this year, management is doing away with the traditional panto and trying something with a little more beefcake and bare skin. George suddenly finds himself thrust into the lead role in George and the Drag. He’s flattered until he learns the character he’s playing is gay and, worse still, is scripted to develop a crush on the dragon he is sent to kill. If that’s not bad enough, when George discovers that the dragon really does get his heart racing because he’s played by hunky Rod from the sports goods department, he’s forced to question his sexual orientation – is he really turned on by dragons? Or is it just Rod? And what about his girlfriend Meredith?


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