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Man Of The Hour

Gay Erotica Airport Hookup Older/Younger

by Barry Lowe


Terminal boredom leads to terminal excess.

Gay Erotica Airport Hookup Older/Younger: Buzz arrives at the airport to pick up his son only to discover the flight has been delayed and he’ll have to hang around for well over an hour for the next one. But what promises to be a boring waste of time with a stale pastry and yesterday’s newspaper suddenly takes on new meaning when a gorgeous college-age student, just Buzz’s type, makes him an offer too good to turn down.

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A Touch of the Son

by Barry Lowe

Print ISBN 978-1-911478-19-5
Length: 66482 words/272 pages


Their secret passion will lead them to hell. Will they be able to find their way back?

Gay Erotica Older/Younger: A chance sexual encounter at the airport with a hot college twink leads to nothing but trouble for the older Buzz, especially when Cal moves in with him until he find can suitable accommodation at the university he is to attend. Buzz attempts to fight the attraction the two men feel, Cal upping the ante when he offers to sleep with all Buzz’s friends just to make him jealous. But when the erstwhile friends take up the offer it leads Cal down the path toward self-destruction, becoming more degraded as he deserts Buzz and his real friends for the new ones who see him as little more than a sex slave for their gratification. When Buzz discovers their plans for Cal’s final humiliation could lead to his death, he realizes how much he loves Cal and sets about fighting back with everything at his disposal. In so doing he might reveal the illicit secret he and Cal have hidden from all but their closest allies

A Touch of the Son includes: Man Of The Hour, Like Father Like Son, Sonny & Shared, Sonny Side Up, Eclipse Of The Son, Son & Games, Where the Son Don’t Shine, The Son Shines Out of His Ass, and Have Son, Will Travel.


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