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OMG! The College Jock’s A Nudist!
Gay Virgin, Football Jock, Gay Romance

by Barry Lowe

What’s the next step once you’ve seen him naked?


Romance. Mild-mannered inexperienced college student Brett has a secret – he’s infatuated with the college’s top football jock, a meat-headed himbo with the personality of a bacon rasher and the social life of a rabbit. The two of them are hot and heavy lovers by night – but only in Brett’s fantasy. Tired of sitting alone in his room, Brett decides to do something about his lack of experience and plucks up the courage to go to the local secluded nude gay beach with Rocky, the object of his fantasies. With the man of his dreams lying naked beside him, has Brett got the courage to proposition his ideal man even though he’s straight?

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.


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