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Cops & Throbbers
Bisexual Family & Relationships Group / Orgy / Menage

By Jazmin Starr

Revenge is a dish best served naked.


Bisexual: Dana has just discovered her husband, Bob, is screwing her best friend and has been for more than six months. She calculates that he’s had it off outside the marriage in excess of seventy times. There’s no way she can catch up even with the help of her best friend’s husband, Theo. She needs to give Bob a short, sharp shock where it counts so she plans her revenge to coincide with his weekly mate’s night in the basement. She’s pissed off big time that hubby does things to her best friend he won’t do with her because there’s things she won’t do for him. Anal, for example. But she’s willing to make a deal. She’ll take dick in her ass…if he will!

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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Reservoir Hogs!
Thriller, Gay Erotica, Multiple Partners

by Tal Dagger

Battered and betrayed, they’re hog-wild for revenge!


Five members of The Outsiders, an ad hoc group of gay bikers, escape an ambush by other gangs scattering to their secret warehouse hide-out where they realize one of their members is a plant who has betrayed them. As the life ebbs out of injured gang member Potbelly the tension escalates as the survivors turn on one another until gang leader, Arapawa, turns up with a captured enemy biker they can torture to reveal the identity of the rat in their ranks. As the isolated and vulnerable gay bikers descend into violence and recrimination they begin to lose sight of their humanity. Is it too late for them to pull together and fight off their common enemy.

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle and Kindle


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badassboys_medBad-Ass Boys:

Gay Men Who Can’t Get Enough

by Barry Lowe

These guys are putting the bang into gang.


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