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What Time Does Your Boyfriend Get Home?
Erotic Romance Gay Cuckold Multiple Partners

by Barry Lowe

The whole neighborhood is hard for his boyfriend.


EROTIC ROMANCE. Carl is everything a twink male fashion model should be – beautiful, built, bubble butt – and that means he’s in demand. Men want Carl like a moggy wants catnip and that makes his older boyfriend, Gareth, nervous even though they have a committed monogamous relationship. But Gareth’s career means he spends way too much time away from home and he wonders if his boyfriend feels neglected. Will Carl succumb to the persistent seductive overtures of the two gay bears who live next door? Gareth discovers that’s the least of his worries when he returns from an overseas trip a day early. Now he has to decide whether to follow his heart or his hard-on. But he wonders whether they’re mutually exclusive?

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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Cops & Throbbers
Bisexual Family & Relationships Group / Orgy / Menage

By Jazmin Starr

Revenge is a dish best served naked.


Bisexual: Dana has just discovered her husband, Bob, is screwing her best friend and has been for more than six months. She calculates that he’s had it off outside the marriage in excess of seventy times. There’s no way she can catch up even with the help of her best friend’s husband, Theo. She needs to give Bob a short, sharp shock where it counts so she plans her revenge to coincide with his weekly mate’s night in the basement. She’s pissed off big time that hubby does things to her best friend he won’t do with her because there’s things she won’t do for him. Anal, for example. But she’s willing to make a deal. She’ll take dick in her ass…if he will!

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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The Dex Factor
Bisexual, Group / Orgy / Menage

by Barry Lowe

Dex has everything, except a conscience.


Bisexual, Group / Orgy / Menage: When his girlfriend, Lisa, begs him to let her no-good brother, Dex, stay in his apartment, while she goes back to the country to care for her sick mum, Jude knows it’s a bad idea. But it’s much worse than he could ever imagine. Dex is totally depraved and sets about turning Jude into a submissive gay slut who will give his ass up for money, drugs and, when the stakes are humiliating enough, for free. If that’s not bad enough, Dex has plans to show his big sis what an even bigger sissy her boyfriend is.

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.



Wanna Share Your Wife?

by Jazmin Starr

When a marriage goes bad, the wife goes badder.


Erotica. Neal is a successful real estate agent with a trophy wife, but months ago the marriage went stale and nothing he does makes any difference. His wife, Tina, spends all her time at the gym or else socializing with her female friends, while Neal seeks refuge in his work. Until the day his wife, who has never shown any interest in his career before, visits him on site in her revealing gym clothes and attracts a lot of attention from the construction crew. Neal is curious to discover how far Tina is prepared to go with her flaunting and flirting.


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From Fag Hag to Fag Whore!

Ever since high school, Unity has mixed with gay men. They get her, they have the same interests, and they aren’t trying to get into her panties all the time. In fact, not at all which makes for a very frustrating life especially when her gay male friends are as hot as steam and Unity is not getting any action of any sort. Her best mate, Cree, takes pity and drags her along with him when he cruises his favorite sex shop glory holes. She discovers a whole new world of sexual satisfaction and what’s even more surprising her unrequited crush on Cree may be about to be requited in the most unexpected manner.

She was surrounded by hot beach bums – all of them gay.

Hazel finally consents to sleep with another man while her husband, Leith, watches. It’s her gift for his thirty-fifth birthday. But there is one proviso: it has to happen at a beach resort where Hazel can choose the hottest looking partner of her choice. They arrive at their luxurious holiday destination only to discover it’s Rainbow Month and the resort guests are all gay. But Hazel, now totally committed to the idea of three in a bed, tells Leith to get her a hot man even if it means selling his own ass as bait.

Never trust a woman in lust.

Kylie has had a crush on her best friend Justin since forever – but he’s gay. At night, the two of them are sex hounds. At work, Justin is the epitome of the cool, suave ladies’ man but when one of his work colleagues is to marry and Justin is expected at the bachelor party, he knows his closet door will be blown off its hinges and he’ll lose his job – unless he can persuade Kylie to help him fake his hetero side. She’s agreeable but she has a surprise of her own.

When it comes to his sex life, he wants to keep mum…onside.

Chad is a screaming queen, except when his mum comes to visit – then he fakes a masculine side he doesn’t feel. Now she’s coming to town to sort him out once and for all and his inheritance hangs in the balance. He’s hoping he can butch it up enough to convince her one last time, but mum has brought a surprise with her and Chad has to face up to the consequences of his deception.

When it comes to lust, there’s no such thing as friendship.

Melanie agrees to be a ‘date’ for her best gay friend Alex at his company party. She arrives on time only to discover Alex is running late. She never wanted to be his date and the evening promises disaster if she keeps being besieged by unwanted advances from drunken married men. Her savior comes in the shape of a handsome stranger who makes her wet just by looking at her across a crowded party, and soon the attraction is making her so hot she can’t resist running off with him even though it will leave Alex in the lurch.
Maybe that will give Alex the push he needs to be out and proud at work – or will it lead to a fracture in their friendship?



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Change of Heart
by Jimi Goninan

Ever feel like a whole new man?






Lust After Death
by Jimi Goninan

The spirits aren’t the only thing rising in this Halloween ghost story.





OMG! Satan Wants a Blow Job!
by Barry Lowe.

Halloween brought out the devil in him.





Never Take Candy From Strangers
by Barry Lowe.

He was the Trick as well as the Treat.

Follow Billy & Steve on a Halloween adventure.



Samhain Enchanted Evening
by M. King

Just what is real enchantment? It definitely doesn’t turn up where you expect….




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Underwear Maketh The Man

by Jimi Goninan

Good things come in big packages too.



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